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How to Pack a Suitcase


People think that packing a suitcase is something simple to do. However, it should be known that it is a science that has rules which have to be followed. In most cases, people learn these rules once they are hundreds of miles away from home. If you do your packing strategically can help you have a nice vacation with fewer problems. Good news is that there are some easy tips that can guide you on how you can pack your suitcase.

Have a countdown of your clothing

Whenever you are traveling, it is important to understand why you are traveling and what you will do during your trip. If you answer such questions, then you will have the exact number of clothing that you will require for the journey. You can limit yourself to a certain number of clothes so that you get enough space for other items. For instance, you can have the following:

  • Five sets of underwear and socks
  • Four Tops
  • Three bottoms
  • Two pairs of shoes



Make it like Tetris

This will be the best way to ensure that all your items fit into one suitcase. You have filled every space that is in the suitcase. For instance, socks should be stuffed in footwear. The shoes should then be put in a different shopping bag and be placed at the bottom of the bag to keep the other clothes protected. You can decide to roll your clothes together hence maximizing space.

Pack your toiletry bag


  1. Liquids should be kept within easy reach

Things like toiletries should be kept in a place that they can be easily accessed in the suitcase. Mostly they should be at the top so that it does not require you to go to the bottom to look for them. When they are urgently required is not when you should good deep in the suitcase to find them. Ensure that they are easily accessed at any time.


  1. Do not unpack the toiletries

It is recommended that you should keep a separate kit for the toiletries whenever you are traveling. By doing this, it acts as a guarantee that you will not forget bathroom products and things like a toothbrush. In the house, they should be in one place so that they are easily seen for packing. You have to note that these items should be among the first items to be packed since they are easily forgotten. They should also be packed separately and where they are easily accessed.

Select important travel credit cards, cash, and documents

You should collect all the documents that are important in your document organizer. This organizer may contain documents like your ID, credit cards; passports a boarding pass or even a pen. Once the documents are put together, it means that you have all you need when moving from one place to another. Double check to see that all the contents of the document organizer are available. Also, the document should all be updated or will not expire during your traveling period.


Places in the world to visit for peace of mind

Travelling has numerous underlying objectives – you may love to travel because you love to explore or because you’re an adventure junkie. Or you may travel because you’re a shopaholic or you love to party – or it may even be all at once! Everyone has their own reasons to go on a vacation, and that’s entirely justified! But if you’re looking to travel around, looking for peace of mind, this list is for you!

Big Sur, California:
Wedged between the Santa Lucia mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean, The Big Sur is dotted with beaches, cliffs that are covered with mist. This beautiful place will soothe your mind the moment you step into it! There are ample opportunities for adventure lovers to explore the hiking trails here. You can also walk into numerous wildlife parks and have a look at the flora and fauna that Big Sur has to offer! Merely driving through Highway 1 will transport you to another land. Big Sur has everything that you need to de-stress your mind and go back home rejuvenated.

Kauai, Hawaii:
You have to visit this place! It’s so stunning that you’ll fall in love with it at first sight! This stunner in Hawaii is covered with a tropical rainforest, which is why it has got nicknamed “The Garden Isle”. Sounds heavenly? You should visit it! With blissful beaches and undeniable charm, Kauai has it’s own story of historical importance too. Make it a point to visit the Kauai Coffee Company and carefully observe how the coffee powder ends up in your kitchen cabinet! Kauai allows you to unplug yourself from the rest of the world and recharge, rejuvenate and fulfil yourself!

Kauai, Hawaii:

Patagonia Park, Chile :
Patagonia in Chile boasts of a fantastic lake, unique terrain and equally exotic species of flora and fauna! Plush resorts will make your stay here no less than a pampered king! And again, you have loads of adrenaline-rush activities to indulge in. For those who actually want to relax, walking through this beautiful pace itself is more than enough for you- by doing this, you’ll end up discovering the delightful jewels of Patagonia! Most people visit Patagonia to bask in its natural glory, wonders and landscapes. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head towards Patagonia for a relaxing vacation!

Amazon rainforest, Brazil:
Amazon has the pride of being the world’s largest rainforest! Apart from the mighty Amazon river zipping right through it, the rest of the area is covered by a dense forest, which equals to half of the world’s entire rainforest covered area! And the reason why you need to visit Amazon is because you can entirely detach yourself from the rest of the world and become one with the best nature has to offer. The species you find here will not be found anywhere else in the world and the delight of basking in nature’s glory, discovering something different and through it all – discovering yourself!

Make sure these locations are on your list the next time you’re planning to head somewhere for a relaxing vacation!



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