Non-sightseeing in Paris: a new society

Today’s article will be going over the various occupations one can partake in Paris. Our company focuses on providing the best tours of Notre Dame, but many of the visitors that book a tour also come to see the culture of the town. Ever since the internet has become popular, people have been going to many different places to make a living. Paris, a fashion capital, has seen other occupations become more prevalent as people want to experience the culture and have other avenues of making money.

Non-traditional jobs for Paris Residents

The internet has allowed many individuals to diversify their income streams. One local resident, Frances Lord works in the online e-commerce niche. He tells us that he moved to Paris over a decade ago and ever since then he has been working on the internet. First he started his own review website but as online multiplayer games gained popularity he decided to focus on providing services for video games like Runescape. He mentions to us in this interview that the biggest rs gold websites are making over 100,000 euros per year trading virtual items. Intrigued, we ask him how the process works.

Frances tells us that these entrepreneurs establish a reputation on various online forums and then purchase bulk in game items from suppliers to retail to individual consumers. One of the best osrs gold sites is called Frances tells us that this site focuses on providing great customer service to Runescape players. By focusing on providing value for their customer like offering weekly articles that help provide players with tips and rs money making guides, the site has established itself as an authority in its market.

Shortage of Blue Collar Workers

Frances also tells us other individuals in the area focus on a more legitimate occupation. Web developers and IT consultants have flocked to the beautiful city to work remotely. It’s a very common phenomena these days: young people decide they want to live in a city where traditionally there wouldn’t be the jobs they want. The internet allows them to work remotely, some of them even work for themselves as independent contractors who advertise their services on Elance!

Remarkably, Frances tells us that there are many more options for young individuals who want to relocate to Paris. In fact, these days the city has a shortage of workers in traditional job fields. Because many of the youth of Paris have decided to go to post secondary school, career positions like being an electrician or plumber have seen a shortage in labor supply. Frances insists that individuals who are willing to work a blue collar job will have access high demand positions where they can make significantly more!

Consider relocating to our beautiful city

Overall, it seems like our beautiful city is a great place for tourists and residents alike. Once you finish your tour, you may like the city so much you decide to relocate here. Paris is a great place for people to not only soak in the rich history of the city but start a career as well. In fact, we have had visitors who liked the city and our tour so much that they applied for a job. Our shift supervisor Mallory actually was originally from the United States but relocated to Paris to work at our tour company. I hope this article provided you with a fresh insight on the opportunities other than historic sightseeing that occurs in Paris. See you soon and if you’re actually headed to a different destination check out our article on places around the world.